Under Boring



We are able to service projects with horizontal under boring requirements for services and drainage installations where trenching is not viable. We use Grundomat ® pneumatic piercing tools and we can provide horizontal bores from 20mm – 100mm diameter up to 25m in length.

The pneumatic piercing tool can be used in all displaceable soils: sand, loam and even gravel and is easily configured to pull in a wide variety of new pipe materials through the bore. Compressed air repeatedly propels the piston against the rear of the chisel head assembly of the piercing tool. This first compresses the pre-tensioned steel spring which forces the chisel head assembly forward independently of the main casing to provide a pilot bore. Then, the same continuous force thrusts the main casing ahead.

The system is simple to set up, avoids disruption to roads users, site access etc and it eliminates the cost of surface restoration that would otherwise be required when trenching.

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